The Shocking Truth Behind Their Success: 16Million in 30 Days - Legit or a Massive C0nspiracy Exposed?

why the rich get richer


So it simply means in 30 days you’d have made over 16 million naira, that’s more than what the CEO of a bank earns a month…This is not possible. It’s a sca@m…run for your life people!

This was the comment I saw on a tweet on the bird app (twitter) and it makes me realise how deep your environment could influence your thinking and hence your output as a human.

Have you ever asked yourself this question;

Why Are Some People Successful And Others Are Not?

  • Do you think successful people are lucky?
  • Do you think they work harder?
  • Do you think they are smarter?

What exactly separates these people?

I will tell you

But before I do.

I want to first tell you what successful people don’t do.

And that is,

Calling every opportunity they see a sca@m

It is only failures and the Have Nots that
go about calling every opportunity
they see a sc@am.

But why is this so?

This is how unsuccessful people justify their state of not having

In their minds, they wonder how someone else is making it in the same country…

In the same economic conditions as they are in.

They can’t just fathom how it’s possible

So, they make themselves feel better by calling the successful people Crooks.

They think these successful people must be involved in something shady

If not so, how do you explain their success, given we all have the same 24hrs?

And this brings me to what truly separates the successful from those who fail

What Successful People Do Daily

starting ecommerce business

Look at anyone you know today who is
doing well, you’d notice they are all selling

The amount of success you have is in direct proportion to how many people you help solve their problems, how big is the problem and how dispensable you are to solving that problem.

Look at those who don’t have enough and you’d see that they hate selling.

They think selling is evil

Especially when it involves the exchange of money

Yet subtly they sell themselves to their pastors, their boss, their spouses, their children, etc

They sell every day just that they don’t sell to have money exchanged.

Successful people are always talking to potential clients everyday.

There’s no day that passes with them not talking to someone who is very likely to give them money.

Now, ask yourself “how many people did you speak to yesterday and today with the intention of helping them and then they give you their money?”

You can’t think of one…correct?

Now you see why the successful keep on being successful?

Successful people don’t waste their time on trivialities

Scrolling aimlessly on socials. They know time is the greatest resource given to mankind and you can’t renew it, you can’t get it back once spent.

So they use their time effectively and wisely.

They do things that will increase their worth and value as a person.

They invest their time and money on personal development

They send their money on errands to get things done for them

They are not going to spend their time watching movies that doesn’t help them in any way.

They would rather spend their money than their time to figure things out.

So you see my friend,

Success doesn’t just happen

It is deliberate

It is intentional


…and if you want to be successful and have enough money to care for yourself and your family

Give to charity and the needy

And live the life of freedom you’ve always dreamed of since you were a child,

Then you need to start doing what the successful people do.

Start selling something.

These are the core foundational elements the Smart Legacy Trading is Built on. So you can make money everyday doing exactly what the rich people do.

Have a great day


Let’s discuss, what are your thoughts on this topic?

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