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Is 10k Every Day Good For You?

Here's A Simple But Highly Effective Step-By-Step Program That Shows My Unique 3-Step System To Achieve 10k Everyday Selling Physical Products You Don't Own And Don't Warehouse Using Facebook And WhatsApp

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How Does This Work?

It’s a simple model of finding products people really want either online (e.g or offline( e.g Alaba market or Lagos Island Market) and selling them online for profits.

To sell the products, you create simple ads on Facebook (I will show you how) and direct the people who show interest to your WhatsApp where you can now have an interaction with them and get them to buy (closing).


A Simple 3 Step System

And you only need to make one sale a day to generate 10k minimum and it’s so easy to do once you can find a product and set up simple ads like the one below on Facebook.


Once you get the customer to buy (I will show you what to tell them so they can buy from you), you can contact the seller to deliver the product to the customer or you use any of the delivery agents that I use and when the delivery is successful, you get your commission/profit sent to your account.

Let's Do Some Math

Let’s say you get a product selling for N2,000/piece from the seller (Some of these products are usually cheap because these are big importers who bring in containers and one piece may have cost them as little as N200)

And then you sell the product online for N15,000 (This is where you will deduct your expenses from)

And you spend N1500 to deliver the product

And you also spend N1500 on advertising


PROFIT= N15,000 – N5,000 = N10,000

And you can do it all without stepping outside your house if you don’t want to and you get to keep N10,000 everyday just talking to people on WhatsApp and closing them.

James Did 300k After 10 Days

And 1.8m After 30 Days

This is how many others I have trained are doing it…Find products that solves painful problems, sell them online and pocket the profits

But It Can Be Confusing

I know this whole process can be sometime confusing even though it’s straightforward and you probably don’t even know the types of products people want or how to identify them.

You probably don’t even know how to set up the simple Facebook ad or what you should say to people to get them to buy from you.

This is why I am giving you my new training for almost free when you purchase it today.

To Summarize Here Is Everything You Get:

This will save you time and the frustration spent in finding a perfect and hungry market

You don’t have to start thinking what you should reply a prospective customer when they ask questions…just pick a reply from the template and send.

No need to worry about customers saying they travelled or not around when goods have been sent out.

There's Even More, I'm Adding Free Bonuses!

you don’t want a situation whereby goods are delivered and the seller refuses to pay you your commission…I paid my lawyer N50,000 to have this drafted.

This will prevent the nightmare of delivery agents running away with your money because these are the same people I use for my own deliveries.

Here’s a secret tip: There’s more money selling to other African countries than selling to Nigerians

This is my vault of hidden knowledge on running profitable Facebook ads, It’s not on sale any where on the internet But I want you to have it. 

After going through this training, you’re guaranteed to become a Facebook Ads expert

Coming up with social media posts can be very hard especially if you’re not good with writing and designing images. But there’s goodnews for you.

Inside this pack you will find 90 unique templates you can easily edit and post on your social media handle. Now you can comfortably and confidently grow your social media handles and attract more sales and customers

All You Need To Start Your Own Profitable 10K A DAY Business

TOTAL VALUE: ₦395,000




Watch Me Log Into The Members Area

And I Made The Training Simple To Understand For Even a 9 Year Old

So, Why Is It Almost Free?

Some days ago, a young man by the name “Basil” sent me a message saying “…he needs help and can’t afford to go into anything illegal”…see the message below

After going through that message a couple of times, I began to imagine how many people like him want to start a business online but just can’t get started.


Because they are incapacitated by the means to do so.


I know not everyone have the required resources to get the best information out there. “All hands are not equal”


And there are so many half baked knowledge being passed around.


My goal has always been to make a difference in people’s lives no matter how small.


I want to be part of your story someday.


And when you start earning more and you’re ready to grow further your business, you too can join other high fee programs that I have.


Also, I sincerely want to apologize to all those who got the ecommerce leverage advantage program for N25,000 and didn’t get a set up


Please I need you to understand why I am doing this. We need to help as many people as we can. Since, the government haven’t made things easy for us, we should help each other


In fact you can help share this page with someone who needs it.


So, you see, I’m doing this so that everyone who wants to get started online can do so without the barrier of money.


I hope this changes so many things for you and your family.


Maybe I am not thinking straight.


Maybe I will snap out of this.


But this could all be yours before I do.

Ask For Your Money Back

If after your purchase and you successfully log into the members area but can’t find everything I mentioned on this page and more, I want you to ask me for your money back immediately.

But I have to warn you,  I’m not keeping this open for the same price for long.

WARNING: Only For A Limited Time!

As you can see, others paid N25,000 to access this training…I’m only doing this to help those who can’t afford that. Which is why to be fair to others who paid higher, the price will increase by N1,000 for every 100 persons who join the training.

What the above images shows is that the price was once 3500 but has been moved to 4500 because we currently are just shy above 100 people in the group which means if you don’t hurry, your slot will be taken and the more you delay, the higher you’d have to pay to access this training.

Now, the choice is yours, will you buy it now or wait to buy it at a higher price?

This System Works!...Period

Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

best ecommerce platform

Sincerely Yours
Jonathan Melody

Prefer to pay to bank? 

Bank Account Name:

Oviomaigho Jonathan

Bank Account No: 0240470659

Bank Name: GTB

After payment send a message to 08165980908


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Now before you scream, that's just 5 successful sale everyday from a product that gives you 10k daily ​

And as you can see above from the testimonies of others, this is very achievable.​ ​

You only need to know how to craft irresistible offers that people find difficult to refuse but Say Yes to.​ ​

​ So if you need more than just getting 10k everyday,you want to move higher to 5ok, 100k and even more everday, then adding the H$B Fb Ads And offer Genie is what you need.​ ​

And this is why I say so:​

Inside this course, you will also discover how to set up highly profitable campaigns, guaranteed to increase your sales daily.​ ​​

Below are some of the strategies inside this course that will help you achieve that.​

1. The Ideal Market map :​ ​ This will help you position your business so you can have a better share of the market than your competitors​ ​

2. Creating an Empathy Map :​ ​ How do you get someone to even take action when you don't fully know who they are?​ ​

This section will help you have a micro view of your ideal customer. If you can get this right, finding the right target interest on Facebook will be a breeze for you.​ ​

3 The Mirror Offer​ : ​ This will help you crawl into your customers' subconscious and dig out that one thing that they desperately want to solve.​ ​

Creating an offer that mirrors your customers' needs/wants/desires is powerful when you know how to do it.​ ​

You will easily be able to break down every resistance that might prevent them from buying
Having the right message in front of the right audience is not enough.​ ​

You need to have an offer that mirrors exactly what they want in a way that they just can't wait but pull out their wallets​ to give you their money. ​

Because they will see your product as the only thing that can actually solve their pain/problem.

Armed with these building blocks, a newbie student hit his first 1M in less than 20 days.​

This right here can sell for at least N50,000but you get it today for just N10,000

Here's the thing, this space isn't enough to contain what you'd find inside this pack. But one thing is certain, it's worth 10X the fee that you get to pay to have it today

And like I said, this is a one time offer. What that means is that if you pass it today, you won't have the opportunity to get it again because it is not sold anywhere online. This is a course I created for my private coaching clients.

So if you're ready to go from just 10k to 50k or more daily, just tick the box below to add it to your purchase for only N10,000 instead of N50,000

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Let's Take the Work off your Shoulders

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What if you don't have to bother about setting up the 10k a day system yourself?

But have one of my highly trained team members and coach to set it up for you?

Will that interest you?

First, the coach will get on a call with you to decide on the niche and product to sell.

And once that is achieved, he will go ahead to have the entire system up.

Here are some of the things he will do.

1. Purchase your domain and hosting

2. Set up your 2-page funnel (this is to ensure high conversion rates)

3. Decide on the product to sell (the research will be done to come up with a product not among the existing list)

4. Direct you to the merchant to work with

5. Set up your ads

6. Create your promotional product video

7. Answer any questions you might have

Now, you don't have to worry about how you're going to have the system set up as everything will be done for you.

Just communicate with the merchant and start sending orders for delivery.

If you're interested in this, it will only cost you N75,000

Now before you start thinking that this is too much

Think about having a system that brings in 300k monthly And what that's going to mean for you.

And the 75,000 you pay will be a one-time payment and you can continue to enjoy the benefits for as long as you want.

So, if you want us to do the heavy lifting for you, Click the button below to add it to your purchase.

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