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Product Research and Local sourcing
This is specifically for those looking at finding products locally without importing.
This is one video that will show you how to research products so you never have to run out of product ideas...

This is for those looking at new products to sell and not just that, you will discover how to start sourcing your products locally as well as packaging to increase the value;
This offer isn't available anywhere else. If you miss it, it's gone.

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Health & Beauty Facebook Ads Genie

97.00 $

With The Blindspot Method, you can run a successful beauty and health ad campaign that won't get your ad account banned.​ ​

But let's be frank, not getting banned is one thing.​ ​ Getting the campaign to be wildly PROFITABLE is another thing.​ ​

And I guess that making a good profit is the goal you want to achieve in your business.​ ​

Right?​ ​

If yes, then that makes us two ?​ ​ So if you need more than not getting your ad account banned for running a beauty and health ad, then adding the H$B Facebook Ads Genie is what you need.​ ​

And this is why I say so:​

Inside this course, you will also discover how to set up highly profitable campaigns.​ ​ Below are some of the strategies that will help you achieve that.​

1. The Ideal Market map​ ​ This will help you position your business so you can have a better share of the market than your competitors​ ​

​ 2. Creating an Empathy Map​ ​ How do you get someone to even take action when you don't fully know who they are?​ ​

This section will help you have a micro view of your ideal customer. If you can get this right, finding the right target interest on Facebook will be a breeze for you.​ ​

​ 3 The Mirror Offer​ ​ This will help you crawl into your customers' subconscious and dig out that one thing that they desperately want to solve.​ ​

Creating an offer that mirrors your customers' needs/wants/desires is powerful when you know how to do it.​ ​
You will easily be able to break down every resistance that might prevent them from buying
Having the right message in front of the right audience is not enough.​ ​

You need to have an offer that mirrors exactly what they want in a way that they just can't wait but pull out their wallets​ to give you their money. ​

Because they will see your product as the only thing that can actually solve their pain/problem.

Armed with these building blocks, a newbie student hit his first 1M in less than 20 days.​

This right here can sell for at least $97but you get it today for just $19.99

Here's the thing, this space isn't enough to contain what you'd find inside this pack. But one thing is certain, it's worth 10X the fee that you get to pay to have it today