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In April 2021 I launched a brand that generated over 12million in 4 months with a startup capital of N150,000 ​

I want to share everything I used for the promotion of that product with you

You get to see the different ads I used to make this promotion a success (about 12 different ads). You will see the ad copies and creatives ​

You will see the different pages of the funnel (10 different pages serving different purposes) and the strategies I used to increase the AOV of my customers. ​


You're gaining access to the same creatives, copies, funnel and strategies that took a new brand from zero to over 12 million in 4 months with a startup cost of N150,000 ​​

And you can easily copy the ads, creatives and strategies and deploy them into your own e-commerce brand

For a one time investment of N15,000:​ ​ What this means is that, if you miss it this one time, you will not be able to access it again ​

So if you want to see behind the scene of an 8 figure brand ​

Just go ahead and tick the box above and you'd be saving N40,000 today.

BONUS: I will also show you what I would do differently today to increase conversions

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What You Get As a Partner

No need to worry about spending painful hours researching products and then designing your own funnel and pages from scratch.

We do that hard work for you. Every month you get a new high in demand product funnel added to your account.

Just change your brand name and logo and launch

No need to purchase your own hosting costing between $20 or more. We also offer you free hosting.

We have partners Launching their funnels and start making sales within their first week of joining the partnership program

Value= N300,000

Lazycom is a platform that makes starting, launching and building an ecommerce business easy.
You can easily build your funnels and landing pages for any product you want to sell online.

No need of domain or hosting as Lazycom handles that for you.

You don’t need to worry about any technical issues- Lazycom also handles that for you.

All you need to build a thriving ecommerce business in one place

Value= N153,000

This is an 12-module masterclass that walks you through step by step from beginner to PRO (there’s something inside for you regardless of your level)

This comes with a list of local suppliers and delivery agents that are more affordable than what most people use out there (this will save you money on delivery)

You also have the opportunity to learn directly from my Mentor Ronald Nzimora as I bring him in to take some of the modules with me.


Value= N150,000

As a partner, you get the opportunity to join monthly virtual meetings where I share what is working Now in the e-commerce industry.

I constantly work with 8 and 9 figure e-commerce business owners and this gives me access to insider information into what is working in different niches and this help you skip years of learning and doing it all on your own.

Value= N250,000

I will be giving you private access to a support group where you’re welcome, understood, respected, and appreciated.

When you join me inside, you become a Knight in the Marketing Camelot, we’re in this foxhole together.

I’ve got your back. And if the two of us back-to-back against the world isn’t enough, we’ve got an entire frickin’ ARMY of brother and sister knights behind us inside.

You’re getting $48,000 Worth Of My Time for FREE!

I can’t exhaust what you’re going to learn from this bonus. If you have followed me for awhile, you’d know I don’t give out fluff.
But to give you a perspective into some of the things you’re going to learn. here we go;

Value= N50,000


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Discover the proven strategies and secrets behind turning a simple idea into a lucrative reality.

In this bonus, I’ll guide you step by step through my personal journey, showcasing how I researched a product and skyrocketed its earnings from zero to ₦300k in just 4 days.

Here’s what you’ll gain from this compelling bonus:

Real-Life Implementation: Witness firsthand how theory transforms into action.

I’ll walk you through each decision, tactic, and move, demonstrating the practical application of the principles taught in the 10X Ecommerce Masterclass.

Profitable Product Insights: Learn the art of product selection and identify the key factors that contributed to the success of this case study.

Uncover the criteria for choosing products that yield rapid and substantial returns in real life.

Strategic Execution: Understand the step-by-step execution that led to the remarkable outcome.

From initial research to marketing tactics, you’ll gain invaluable insights into creating a winning strategy for your own ecommerce venture.

Overcome Challenges: Discover how I navigated challenges and setbacks during the process.

Learn from real-world experiences, so you’re equipped to handle obstacles and setbacks that may arise in your own ecommerce journey.

This bonus is not just a case study; it’s a blueprint for turning your aspirations into achievements.

Become a partner today and gain access to this exclusive bonus, propelling yourself towards financial success in the world of ecommerce.

Value= N50,000

I'm Even Throwing in My Best Selling Book

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