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This is a 9 Module masterclass that walks you through step by step from Market Research to scaling Your Ecommerce Business.

You also have the opportunity to learn directly from my Mentor Ronald Nzimora as I bring him in to take some of the modules with me.

  • About 10X Ecommerce Masterclass
  • Developing a Business Mindset
  • How To Get The Most From This Training
  • Understanding The Different Markets
  • Determine If Your Niche is Profitable
  • Criteria To Choosing The Best Product To Sell
  • How To Find Fast Selling Products
  • How To Test For Market Viability
  • Doing It Yourself VS Using Agents
  • How To Source Product From Aliexpress
  • How To Source Products From Alibaba
  • How To Source Products From 1688
  • How To Source From Manufacturers
  • How To Source Products Locally with Contact Person
  • How To Ship Products From Suppliers To Your Location in Any Country
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Marketplaces + Your Website
  • How To Setup Profitable Sales Funnels
  • intro to marketing
  • Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Creating An Offer
  • Creating Your Marketing Contents
  • How Much Should Your Sell Your Products
  • The One Emotion That Makes People Buy
  • Best Payment Methods
  • Email Marketing
  • How To Ship Products To Your Customers
  • How To Collect Payments From Customers
  • How To Track Delivery
  • How To Manage Business Growth
  • How To Scale Your Business

VALUE: N390,000

The Biggest Secret In Ecommerce Is In The Product You Have Chosen To Sell.

You see, the product you choose to sell will determine;

  • How profitable you’d become
  • How FAST you make the kesh and of course
  • How much you keep.
So, you can say the product you sell…

…Is Like Oxygen

You need it to keep you alive. 

The more oxygen you have, the more alive you are, the lesser the oxygen you have, the quicker you die.

What this means is that, you need to find the perfect product to sell if you really and truly want to make the kesh in ecommerce, products you can start selling immediately to make a lot of it for yourself…

To help you do this, I have put together a list of 30 perfect and fast selling products you can sell for as much as ten times the amount you bought them…

You’re going to be making more kesh than you ever imagined possible-with these-products.

VALUE: N450,000

Because the next hardest thing to do for your ecommerce business is writing the marketing content for every single product on the list, we decided to do the hardwork for you.

Inside this pack you will find an exclusive collection of Designed funnel pages, 10X Salesletters, Emails, and 10X Paid Ads,– delivered as templates you can swipe and deploy immediately FOR EACH PRODUCT in the 10X Product List.

Now you don’t need to:

All you need to is fill-in-the-blanks with your name and bank details for payments!

Below is a glimpse of how the pages you’d receive looks;

VALUE: N2,500,000

You also get a second bonus.

This time it’s a video that walk you through the process of using the template pack.

You simply watch the video and follow three simple steps…

Step One – Choose a Product

Step Two – Select the corresponding marketing template.
Step Three – Upload Online and Edit.


The best part? It will take you less than 30-mins to complete.

VALUE: N50,000

I can’t exhaust what you’re going to learn from this bonus. If you have followed me for awhile, you’d know I don’t give out fluff.
But to give you a perspective into some of the things you’re going to learn. here we go;

VALUE: N200,000

How to set up profitable sales funnel that triples your sales and conversions.

This also includes all the softwares needed e.g

  • Page Builder: Thrive Architect
  • Funnel Builder: Cartflows Pro

VALUE: N250,000

I will be giving you a one year full private access to me and my team and also added to the support group where you’re welcome, understood, respected and appreciated.

When you join me inside, you 

become a Knight in the Marketing Camelot, we’re in this foxhole together.

I’ve got your back. And if the two of us back-to-back against the world isn’t enough, we’ve got an entire frickin’ ARMY of brother and sister knights behind us inside.

Imagine have a team of people on standby to answer all and any of you questions that you never have to be stuck in your business ever again. 

Just imagine Jonathan’s team on standby for you and your business. You will be miles ahead of your competition!

You’re getting $48,000 Worth Of My Time, my team for FREE!



The number1 reason why many people fail to sell their imported products easily is simply because they don’t know how to stir up the the desire in their prospective customers to buy.

Writing to make someone buy your product is different from just writing to pass an exam. With a collection of over 2000 sales letters in different niches, you can easily put together words that will make people beg to have your products

VALUE: N150,000

And More Inside... Scroll Down To Find a Summary

TOTAL VALUE: N3,935,000


To Summarize Here Is Everything You Get:

All You Need To Run a Profitable Ecommerce Business

TOTAL VALUE: N3,935,000


What’s Your “Plan B”?

If you’re not ready to invest just N150,000, what do you plan to do instead?

Continue failing because you keep doing things the wrong way?

Spend years hoping to pick up some tips from the many books and courses already out there with half-backed information?

Or are you ready to learn from someone who has been there and done it, from scratch to building 7fig ecommerce businesses and also have taught so many others who have recorded great results?

Because in business today, nothing is more important, and nothing will get you where you want to go faster, than have the right guidance.

This System Works! But Don't Take My Word For It...

Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

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Sincerely Yours
Jonathan Melody

What Students Say

I will continue to bless God for the day I came across your advert on Facebook. Jonathan you’re a God send. Now I can confidently assist my husband.

God will continue to Bless you.


I never believed anything good could come out of e-commerce until I met Jonathan Melody.

If you want a mentor on e-commerce business, Jonathan is the right person for you.


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