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Let's Talk About What Is Inside

This is A List of 21 High Profit Ecommerce Products You Can Import And Sell In 2021

You are right on this page because you have seen what is possible with an ecommerce business if done right.

And if you're like me, you can't wait to dive right in, start importing and making millions

But before you do that, I want you to understand….

The Biggest Secret In Ecommerce Is In
The Product You Have Chosen To Sell

You see, the product you choose to sell will determine;

  • How profitable you'd become
  • How FAST you make money and of course
  • How much you keep.

So, you can say the product you sell… 

…Is Like Oxygen

You need it to keep you alive. 

The more oxygen you have, the more alive you are, the lesser the oxygen you have, the quicker you die.

What this means is that, you need to find the perfect product to sell if you really and truly want to make money in ecommerce, products you can start selling immediately to make a lot of money for yourself…

To help you do this, I've arranged something you will love.

I want to hand over to you…

A List of Perfect Ecommerce Products

And once you have a list of perfect and fast selling products you can sell for as much as ten times the amount you bought them…

You're going to be making more money than you ever imagined possible.

Sadly, most people are stuck in this process of finding the right products to sell for profitable margins.

For some…

It Can Take Weeks, Even Months!

And here's a number of reasons people struggle at this stage:

The #1 Most Urgent Problem
That Needs to Be Fixed.

The truth is:

If you want a thriving Ecommerce business that makes you multiple millions every year…

You need to sell only products that have…

Now, If you're not sure how to go about this:

You have nothing to worry about:

You see:

In the last twelve months, 

I have been working like a mad scientist to simplify the process of product picking for serious folks like you who are ready to …

Start selling and making a lot of money without wasting time looking for products that may or may not sell. 


The 10X Perfect Ecommerce Products

This is a list of products many e-commerce gurus will “kill” to have.

This list of products is for you, if you want to avoid trial and error and just go straight to selling tested and tried “in demand” products …

… that 99% of Ecommerce sellers are ignorant of.

This way, you can make 10X MORE profits than the regular Ecommerce business owner, 

With almost ZERO competition.

I have made MILLIONS as a successful seller, 

And I helped over 1,000 students to achieve remarkable results in a short amount of time.

Now it's your turn.

But please NOTE:

You actually have the option of using what you've learned in my 10X Ecommerce Secrets book, to find these best-selling products yourself…

Might take a while but I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out eventually.

On the other hand, you have an easier option.

Just steal these little-known products I've already tested for market viability, and make millions selling them to “ripe and ready” customers who are already looking for where to buy them.

This saves you a lot of time 

And ensures you never get frustrated into settling for “me-too” products that won't make you any money because well…

Everybody and their brother's dog is selling that same product at a price so low… 

You can be sure you'll be losing money if you even think about selling the same thing.

Many people who get started in Ecommerce are discouraged at this point

And then they give up without even reaping the rewards of their initial efforts.

I Do Not Want you To Suffer The Same Experience….

And that's where the 10X Products Pack comes in.

You get…

The 10X Products List

This is the Top Secret List of 21 “Certified” High Profit Products to Source for and Sell in 2021.

You shorten your research time to ZERO by getting a list from the master himself.

It will OPEN YOUR EYES to several “under the radar” products that could be your ticket to millions in ecommerce.

Also as a bonus,

10X Products Marketing Templates

Because the next hardest thing to do for your ecommerce business is writing the marketing content for every single product on the list, we
decided to do the hardwork for you.

Inside this pack you will find an exclusive collection of 10X Salesletters, Emails, and 10X Paid Ads – delivered as templates you can swipe and deploy immediately FOR EACH PRODUCT in
the 10X Product List.

Now you don't need to:

All you need to is fill-in-the-blanks with your name and bank details for payments!

But That's Not All.

You also get a second bonus.

This time it's a video that walk you through the process of using the template pack.

You simply watch the video and follow three simple steps…

Step One – Choose a Product
Step Two – Select the corresponding marketing template.
Step Three – Upload Online and Edit.


The best part? It will take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Is There A Guarantee?

The simple answer is “YES”.

You will risk nothing. I only want you focused on success!

For this reason, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee:

If at any point within the next 365 days, you select one of these products and it has not made you at least 10X your investment in the next 12 months, you can email us and we will refund 100% of your money.

We will be using the honor system(this means you'd need to provide proof that you applied and used what is contained in this pack as directed) with this guarantee, so please respect all the time and work we have put into this program and make sure you put it to use!

If you use it, I assure you, you will have no need to ask for a refund, because you will be too busy making money.

To Summarize Here Is Everything You Get:

I've literally gone ahead to do 80% of the work for you.

All you have to do is plug and play.

Nothing more.

And I promise you, as long as you implementing what I'm putting in your hands…

The results will marvel you.

Even though I could easily charge $497 for this offer.

The access fee for the 10X Products list, 10X Marketing templates and 10X Products Set-up Video is $297 only.

But for a limited time,

You can pay only $97.

Money you can easily make over 10x, 20x, 30x in returns when you start using this system I'm sending you today.

Just think how successful your Ecommerce business will be when you already have a list of hot products guaranteed to make you mad profits every week, every month.

I sure wish I had something like this when I was just starting out,

I would have shortcut my success by at least 2-years.

But you don't have to wait that long to start making a lot of money with your Ecommerce business.

So if you're ready to go BIG in Ecommerce 

Click the button below to get started right away.

You'll be taken to a secure page where you'll make payment and be given immediate access to all the materials and resources I've promised you.

Click the button below to sign up now.

To your success,

Jonathan Melody.

This System Works! But Don't Take My Word For It...

Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

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P.S: Oh, I forgot…

Here are some bonuses I have set aside for you when when you get the products pack


For the past 12 months, I have been collecting different Facebook ads for my personal use whenever I want to write an ad for any product. These ad samples are across almost any niche you can think of; Health (weight loss, diabetes, insomnia, 

back pain, high blood pressure, stretch marks, acne, arthritis etc), Car accessories, Beauty products ……. and lots more (just model to fit your product name)

VALUE: $97

And finally… once you sign up for my offer today,

You will get instant access to…


The number1 reason why many people fail to sell their imported products easily is simply because they don't know how to stir up the the desire in their prospective customers to buy.

Writing to make someone buy your product is different from just writing to pass an exam. 

With a collection of over 2000 sales letters in different niches, you can easily put together words that will make people beg to have your products

VALUE: $247


You're going to receive all the set up tools you need without the need to spend on purchasing.

This alone will save you $100s of dollars. Here are some of the tools you'll get

VALUE: $315

FAST ACTION BONUS 4: Facebook Ads Alchemy

I can't exhaust what you're going to learn from this bonus. If you have followed me for awhile, you'd know I don't give out fluff.

But to give you a perspective into some of the things you're going to learn. here we go;

VALUE: $297


“Frequesntly Asked Questions”

  • No, this is not our flagship 10X Ecommerce Coaching Program.
  • No, you don't have direct access to Jonathan. If you want access to Jonathan, apply for his coaching program here
  • Yes, you will be added to the group exclusively for those who purchased this products pack. This group is different from the coaching group.
  • Once you're given access to the course, you will see support persons you can ask questions relevant to the issue you're facing and you can also ask questions in the support group.
  • Absolutely! Should you want to upgrade to be coached directly by Jonathan Melody, you can reach out to support and given instructions on how to proceed.
  • Yes, just reach us to us for the bitcoin wallet

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