Islamic Education

Engaging & Proactive Learning

Our mission is to foster interest and proactive learning in children by leveraging their enthusiasm for technology, games, and activities, directing it towards meaningful education

Ad Hoc Sessions

Join our frequent sessions throughout the year, including "Let's Love Jesus," "Let's Love Ramadan," "Knowing About Palestine," and "Family Frenzy" events.

Structured Education

Enroll in our timed courses, available both online and on-site. Engage directly with a show host for interactive quizzes and fun learning.

Self-Paced Online Learning

Access our video education series at your convenience, complete with quizzes, activities, and flexibility in timing.

Earn & Redeem iBNi Points

Participate in quizzes, events, secret schools, Easter eggs, projects, and competitions to earn iBNi points. Use these virtual coins to redeem gifts from our treasury. Over half of your subscription returns as gifts for participants.

Flexibility in Course Enrollmen

Courses like Fiqh and Seerah start every three months. Students can enroll in multiple courses simultaneously or consecutively, with each course having its distinct timely episode.

Course Structure: Seasons & Episodes

Courses are divided into seasons, each with five episodes. For instance, the Aqeeda course has four seasons. The first four episodes of each season are educational, with interactive quizzes and weekly projects. The fifth episode, the "Ultimate Challenge," serves as a revision and offers opportunities to earn significant points.

Certification & Recognition

Upon course completion, receive a certificate of attendance detailing your study time and achievement score.

Join the iBNi Community

Dive into a world of interactive Islamic education, earn points, and unlock a treasury of rewards. Enroll in our courses and embark on a journey of knowledge, fun, and achievement.

Meet Our Visionary Founder,

Dr. Mohammed Dessoky

Where Vision Transforms Into Reality

Dr. Mohammed Dessoky is not your ordinary NHS doctor. He is a visionary who has seamlessly blended the realms of education and entertainment, championing a unique infotainment model.

Dr. Dessoky firmly believes in making education an enjoyable journey, and has devoted the past five years to turning this vision into a reality.

His roots trace back to a rich Islamic Arabic heritage, which has shaped his holistic approach towards education.

Dr. Dessoky has immersed himself in extensive studies, including courses on Fiqh, Aqeeda, and Seera, thereby deepening his understanding and appreciation for Islamic teachings and values.

His passion doesn’t stop at education. Dr. Dessoky is equally enthralled by the boundless potentials of technology and media production.

His enthusiasm in these domains shines through in his engaging and pleasant presentation style, which not only educates but also entertains the audience.

It’s this amalgamation of education, technology, and media that has culminated in the creation of iBNi – a distinct platform aimed at fostering a productive Muslim generation.

Through iBNi, Dr. Dessoky’s vision of enjoyable education is no longer a notion but a tangible reality that inspires and nurtures the minds of the young Muslim community.

Dr. Dessoky’s journey exemplifies how with a grand vision, and the right blend of passion and expertise, one can indeed craft a great reality.

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