The 2000 years Old Wealth Creation Business Model That Changed My Life

  • Have you ever wondered how the wealthy make their money?

  • Have you ever asked yourself how to get rid of any money worries from your life?

  • Have you ever wondered what’s so special about the rich?

  • Have you ever wondered what the rich seem to be doing that you’re not doing?

  • Have you silently and openly wished you have the same freedom the rich have?

  • Would you like to make more money but you don’t know where to start?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then today is your lucky day.


Because I’m about to share with you the same secrets Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Strive Masiyiwa, etc are using to make money consistently and what has gotten them to the status of richest men in Africa.

It was after discovering these same secrets that things started turning around for me.

Most times I feel like a rockstar with the way I get cash on demand. I literally know how it feels to want something and be able to get it.

But it wasn’t always like this.

And what many people get wrong when it comes to the wealthy is, “They assume things were always rosy”.

When it comes to making money and acquiring wealth, it boils down to the exchange of value.

The language of money has no regard for your certifications. If you can’t give value, you won’t make money.

I understand many have been told things totally wrong about money.

You hear things like;

  • Cut your coat according to your size

  • Go to school and find a good paying job

  • Live within your means

  • Save money first before you spend

And because you have been mentally programmed to think this way, you find it impossible to live the type of life we silently wish for. 

The truth is you’re living within your means or saving money first because you have an income problem and don’t know where to find money or even how and where to look.

Money is everywhere”

The average millionaire has a minimum of 3 income sources.

Ask yourself this.

“How many income sources do you have”

Look into the life of any wealthy man you know and you’d attest to this.

So How Are The Wealthy Able To Amass So much?

Providing value!

People message me sometimes asking for what they can do to make money and there’s a question I always ask them.

What can you offer or what skills do you have?

And that’s when I start hearing things like;

  • I’m a stay at home mom

  • I don’t have a skill

This is the no1 reason many fall victims for scams like MMM and LOOM. Quick money schemes.


If you don’t have value to give in exchange for money, you won’t make money.So, you must fill a gap in your environment to be rewarded with money’

Simply put, you have to sell something;

  • Your time
  • Your skills
  • A product
  • A service

Let’s look into Aliko Dangote;

Aliko sells different products(cement, sugar, flour, etc) and owns different investments.

What about Mike Adenuga?

He provides services (Telecommunication services) and owns different investments.

But let’s just focus on Aliko Dangote

How Exactly Did Aliko Dangote Make His Money?

At the age of 21, Aliko Dangote borrowed $3,000 (N1,080,000 current exchange rate) from his uncle to import and sell agricultural commodities in Nigeria. His business venture quickly became a success, and as a result, he managed to repay the entire loan within three months of starting operations.

In summary, He started with buying and selling and he still does that.

Now, if you’re thinking it’s Aliko Dangote and he had the privilege of getting a loan from his uncle. Reason he was able to start;


Let me tell you a quick story about myself,


I still remember one sunny morning in the month of December, in the year 2016.


I had woken up hungry with just N1,263 left in my uba account.I tried using the ATM to get out N1K but couldn’t (BVN issue) that I had to walk from NNPC road somewhere in Ejigbo to Okota in Lagos State so I could use the banking hall.


The issue still wasn’t resolved that day.

I got back home and was crying.

I prayed and cried for a change.


You might think I wasn’t doing nothing. But you’re wrong, I was a freelancer on, designing book covers. But things had become rough and the funds for the job I had completed on fiverr was yet to be cleared.


Later that month I was introduced to this one perfect ancient business by my mentor. It wasn’t my first time of hearing about it, I had tried it way back 2013 but failed. However, he told me this one thing “Jonathan, you’re doing it all wrong.


You need to apply the 3 step formula”


The first month I applied the 3 step formula, I made N300k.


What is this business you ask?


Ecommerce(buying and selling using the power of the internet).


Unlike the days of Aliko, buying and selling has become a lot easier with the power of the internet.


Yes, ecommerce.Many people call it mini importation But you must do it the right way if you want to succeed by running what I call the Smart ecommerce business.


Before I tell you what smart e-commerce is and why I recommend it, I want you to stop for a moment and think about what many people spend their money on asides shelter, transport, school fees, food and drinks.


If you think about it carefully, you will agree with me that most of what we spend money on comes down to physical goods that help us to live a more comfortable life and enjoy life better.

Things like:

  • Fine clothing –
  • Shoes –
  • Health supplements –
  • Creams –
  • Lingerie –
  • Make-Up and other Beauty products –
  • Jewelry (Beads, wristwatches etc) –
  • Stuff for Kids-
  • Fitness Products –
  • Bathroom products –
  • Phones, Tablets and other mobile gadgets –
  • Computers and accessories – Etc


The point I am trying to make is this… “People spend a lot of money every year on physical products and that is why companies like Jumia & Konga are growing FAT every day”


The market for these products is HUGE and UNLIMITED. And majority of these products are imported from places like China and the US But unlike Jumia and Konga, you do not need a big website with lots of bells to make a lot of money importing and selling these physical products.


As a matter of fact, you could make millions from a single product when you use the smart e-commerce approach. 


I am not sure what your income goal is…


Maybe it is an extra N500,000 a month




N1 million a month Or even N5 million a month


The smart e-commerce model I am about to explain to you can make it happen for you (that is, if you are not lazy like many people are)

How Smart E-commerce Works 

I am about to explain how the smart e-commerce business works and I will be using my story to do this.


After my first comeback into ecommerce and doing over 300k my first month using the 3 step formula, I decided to go a little step further by importing a hair growth product with a little push from my mentor (Having a mentor in this business is very important) and using the money I had gathered from my freelancing business and profit from my first successful attempt at smart ecommerce business.


See the picture below:

I called it the “two in one hair growth formula”.
I sold the products; Andrea and Hair Wonder.

And guess what?

I’ll get a pair of this product for around twenty five thousand for fifty pieces of Each. i.e 50 pieces of andrea and 50 pieces of hair wonder and guess how much I sold the pair for  9,000

And the juicy part is, for every sale I made, I get a profit of 6,000

I was getting the pair for N500

So, my profit was 6,000 after removing cost of running ads on facebook and cost of shipping products to the customer and within 3 months I was able to sell over one thousand pieces of the product. That’s over 6 million naira in 3 months (Will tell you more about that later).

And I started by importing 100 pairs for 50 thousand which was sold out within the first 5 days.


Think about it – How many businesses do you know of where one can start with N50,000 and make N6m in net profits within 3 months?


If you take a good look at this story (you can read it again), you will be able to understand what Smart E-commerce is all about But in case you don’t, let me spell it out clearly for you

Smart E-Commerce is All About 3 Things:

  1. You search for at least one physical product that solve problems for people or helps them get closer to their desires. E.g. In the example above, the hair growth product helps people regrow their hair and have fuller hair for the ladies. (which meant an end to the shame they felt having a bald head or scanty hairs)

  2. You buy the products at the lowest cost possible (from China or US) and you import them to Nigeria. E.g. Like myself, I purchased the andrea from a site called Aliexpress and imported them via a shipping agents to avoid heavy custom charges. The hair wonder I sourced locally.

  3. You sell them using genius marketing methods for a good ROI E.g. In my case, I simply sold them using just Facebook and Instagram adverts. This is why I said earlier that you can make millions from a single product when you use this smart e-commerce approach Later on, you can expand to more products.

Right now, the overall E-commerce business in Nigeria is booming. According to a study published on, the E-commerce industry in Nigeria is now worth $13 Billion as you can see below:

If you’ve done this business in the past without results, it’s most likely you’re doing it all wrong.

I’d say 92% of mini importers I have communicated with desperately need to revisit 3 basic concepts.

To give you some background on why (in my opinion) I’m qualified to teach…

My name is Jonathan Melody and I imported my first product in 2013 and when I tried to scale, I failed. 3 years later, I met with my mentor (Ronald Nzimora) who shared with me 3 things that took me from doing zero to six figures and I have shown over 6000 persons the same methods I use and they are now soaring in ecommerce success.

When I look at the eCommerce marketplace today I see people making these three mistakes which are widespread;

1). Importing a product because they think it would sell:

I’m sure you’ve been there. You go to aliexpress and you find a product that looks cool, you import it and then start promoting it.

And dang!

No sales.

You even reduced the price, yet nothing changed.


Now, your bedroom have been turned to a warehouse of unsold products.


Some even end up using the products themselves.


If you want to make serious cash with importation you must import products people can’t wait to have.

2). Importing a product before finding a market /buyers

Most people who start mini importation first think about and conclude on a product before thinking about their target market.


The market should be the first thing to consider and a product should be the last. Once you find a hungry market, finding a product for them becomes easy.

3). They don’t know how to advertise and sell

The truth is, if you don’t know how to sell and advertise to your target market, it will be difficult for you to make sales.

You need to learn and know how to advertise and sell. You need to know how to pass your message to your target market.

Are you making any of these three mistakes?

The truth is that if you are making just one of these mistakes your mini importation business probably won’t be around by this time next year.


That’s why I have created a FREE 1hour plus video training on how to be a smart mini Importer and start ecommerce aka mini importation the right way.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1. How to find a hungry market to sell to

2. How to Find and import products for your market

3. How to pass your message to your market and not have to beg them to buy your products

4. You will discover how exactly I was able to sell over 1000 pieces of the hair product within 3 months.

Heck, I’ll even show you the only 3 categories of ecommerce products you should be buying that ensures you quickly sell out.

(I’m serious. When you do things the right way, competition becomes irrelevant)


It’s a new world out there today and I’d hate for you to get stuck with razor thin margins just barely scraping by and wondering why nothing is working for you.

eCommerce doesn’t have to be this complex thing. It’s hard work, but that should be without saying.

I hope this helps a few people on their journey. However, this business is not for everyone. If you don’t have at least N50,000 in your bank account to get started, there will be no point registering for the training.

To Register for the training click the button below

The video training is only available for a limited time.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Even Though this training is Free, I don’t Know how long it would stay that way. So take advantage of it while you still can

PS: I LOVE transparency!

So in the interest of full disclosure, there will be an offer at the end of the Free training to work more closely with me on implementing what you learn.

This is TOTALLY optional. It’s only for those who want my help further.

Whether you take me up on the offer or not is completely up to you.

Either way, you’re going to get a TON of useful FREE information you can use on your OWN.

So the training will definitely be worth your time!

What Students Say

I will continue to bless God for the day I came across your advert on Facebook. Jonathan you’re a God send. Now I can confidently assist my husband.

God will continue to Bless you.


I never believed anything good could come out of e-commerce until I met Jonathan Melody.

If you want a mentor on e-commerce business, Jonathan is the right person for you.


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