Discover A New Way To Structure Your Sales Flow And Run Facebook Ads For Health And Beauty Products Profitably Using The Blind Spot Method™

I had just lost the 20th Business Manager and at this point I had used accounts created from my wife’s profile, son, brother, cousin and even had to ask an ex who left my heart ice cold for her profile.

Just so I could get my business up on Facebook.

Invested in different Facebook ad courses that promised how to not get your account banned yada yada yada…

So, I know that feeling of “if I could just lay my hands on the person behind the screen shutting down my accounts”

and I guarantee I have tried almost everything in the books that the gurus preach to you.

Hi, my name is Jonathan Melody and I am the founder of the 10X Ecom Club (a community of ecommerce experts) and also the author of the best selling book “10x ecommerce secrets”

And if you’ve been in the ecommerce space for at least a year, then you should already know that the health and beauty markets are 2 of the most lucrative and evergreen markets to sell products with ease and fat profits.

In fact, 2 days ago a client reached out to me and told me how he launched a sales funnel in the health niche and within 24hrs, sales started pouring in.

That’s how profitable these niches are.

But there’s a BIG problem

Because these are very sensitive niches, it becomes difficult to run ads for these products especially on Facebook and still have peace of mind


This was my story until I discovered 2 unique methods that has allowed me to run Health and Beauty Ads Profitably on Facebook without the fear of the Facebook hammer

I Have Sold Products In The Forbidden Niches Using This Methods

I used one of the methods for Bakare who is selling a Diabetes product and he went on to do over 1.8million in a month and the ads are still running till date

I used this for Vivian who was selling stretch mark cream removal and the campaign ran for months that did a few 100s. She started with just 5pcs of the product.

She is currently working on having her own brand.

I used it for Sylvester who was selling an anti-aging cream and the campaign went on to do millions for him and ran for months(last time I checked, the campaign was still running)

And on this page, I’m going to show you how you can get your hands on this exact Method.

But before I do I need you to know why you keep having issues with Facebook and getting your Business Managers disabled and ad accounts banned.

Because think about it, there’s no way you can solve a problem if you don’t know the root cause…yes?

Like you, I used to think Facebook was the problem and how their A.I is mad bla bla bla

You see, Facebook goes through 2 levels to fully approve your campaigns and ads.

The first level is done by the A.I (a robot)

This level happens when you first launch your campaigns and because there are thousands of campaigns launched every minute and there’s a limit to how many a human can read through and approve.

Hence the A.I which scans your message to find out if you have any trigger word(s) that go against the policies.

If it finds anything, it rejects the ad and if it doesn’t it approves the ad and it starts running.

And like every other machine with 0 and 1, there can be errors. This is why some ads.

are rejected and even ad accounts disabled by mistake and a human has to come in to be sure when you request for a review.

The second level is done by a human

This level happens when your campaign has run for quite a number of days and even months and it’s now gaining momentum.

At this point a human is alerted to take a second look at your campaign to be sure it’s not going against the advertising policies or the community standards.

This is why an ad can be rejected even after running for days or months

And they do this by looking at your ad message (copy) , targeting, as well as what you have on your landing page.

The A.I crawls the words on your message (copy) as well as your site for trigger words. (This is made possible by the pixel on your website)

Note: The A.I can crawl your site more than ones.

A human will manually read your copy as well as the message on your landing page for trigger words

For many gurus, they will tell you to not install the pixel on your website or write copy that don’t hit the emotions or even use slangs like “blokos” and “Vgee”

But then we want to be able to hit the emotional cord of our audience and retarget people who come to our website.

Let’s even say, you used those tactics recommended by our gurus and they worked, and your ads or campaigns are approved and running…

What happens then, when a human reviewer comes in?

You can’t use tricks and tactics on a human reviewer.

You can’t fool a human reviewer…he/she can easily read through your slang and then you also limit your sales and conversions because you can’t retarget even your most responsive prospect.

Unless you want to retarget video views but then that won’t give you high quality people to retarget.

You can’t compare someone who initiated checkout to someone who just watched a 5mins video.

And this was what birthed…

What we want to do is create a blindspot in our ad copies as well as our landing page and website.

This blindspot helps us to still hit the emotional cord of our audience and retarget them without triggering the A.I or a human reviewer to reject or ban our ad accounts.

And the reason I spent the last one week thinking if I should do this or not is because even after sharing these methods with a few person in my previous live training, some still find it difficult to do themselves

Most people don’t get some things right on first explanation.

And it isn’t their fault.

You need a step by step approach to set things up.

And this is exactly why I have put together a step by step video program I have called “The Blind Spot Method™”

I’m going to come on live to deconstruct these methods and show you exactly how to set them up step by step.

So why am I even willing to share these methods with you?

  • There’s no day I log on my Facebook account without seeing someone complaining how their accounts got banned
  • I see ads on Facebook that outrightly scream ban my account
  • Entrepreneurship is hard enough already
  • I have experienced what you’re going through and know it’s not a good place to run a business from (It’s frustrating and depressing)
  • There’s a catch to this

All of this is good Jonathan what’s the catch and how much will this cost me?

Before I reveal the fee, I want to tell you my motive behind putting up this training (Yes, I have an agenda)

I have a premium coaching program where I help ecommerce brands engineer a system that helps you generate predictable results but access to this program isn’t cheap

So, I need to give you a taste of what you’d get by working with me

OK…Jonathan how much is this training?

I’m going to tell you that but let’s look at everything you’re going to discover inside The Blind Spot Method™

The number 1 reason your ads keep getting rejected and accounts disabled is because you still don’t know more or less don’t understand Facebook advertising policies.

And in the last 2 months, I have read the policies at least 10 times.

Yes, I have gone through that so you don’t have to but just watch me as I deconstruct the policies and make them even understandable to a 9 year old

If you can spend 30 mins with me on this one then I guarantee you’d never have a reason to worry about running campaigns that are compliant on Facebook Value: $37

This will stem from the genesis of your problems if you don’t know how to do it right.

This is where you’d need to create a blindspot in your ad copy.

And you only need 2 ways to write a complaint ad copy but because I am generous and nice I will show you 3 different ways with templates Value: $97

I see many people get it wrong here. They have their ad copy approved but they make the mistake of putting up a landing page that will eventually get them into having their accounts banned.

And when they hear this like “you’re trying to circumvent the system”, they wonder what that even means or what they’ve done wrong.

You’ll learn exactly what to have on your landing page instead

Value: $47

It’s important you do is right to avoid bans during manual reviews.

Yes, there are 2 levels of reviews; The automatic and manual review…The manual review is the second level where a human comes in to review your entire flow from your ad to your website.

This is why you want to do this right by creating a blindspot in your funnel flow.

If you once had an ad approved and later disapproved and your ad account banned…This is the reason.

A manual review was done.

Value: $97

if you want to be able to differentiate yourself from your competition and out-perform them, then you want to have this is your sales message or you risk appearing as another product seller on Facebook

Value: $37


  • Imagine being able to set up one funnel for your health or beauty product and it goes on to run for the next 6months to one year, how much are you going to make in return?

  • Imagine never having sleepless nights or heartaches because you’re scared of what might happen to your ad accounts the next day!

  • Imagine having the confidence to launch ads knowing you have done everything right and not afraid of uncertainties.

  • Imagine feeling like you’re finally in control of your income online and you don’t have to worry about sales today and no sales tomorrow because of Facebook bans!

And like every other thing I put out, this comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. So if after going through what I will share with you and you think it isn’t worth what you paid, simply request for your money back and I will gladly send you back your money in full with no questions asked.

Plus when you take on this offer, I’m going to throw in the following bonus for completely free

Bonus #1-My collection of Health and Beauty Ads: For the past 2 years, I have been putting together a collection of Health and Beauty ads that have successfully been running for months on Facebook.

This will save you a ton of time trying to write a compelling ad copy and still remain complaint and get to see the types of creatives that work

Value: $97

So, if we sum up everything you’re about to get

==>Understanding The Relevant Advertising Policies Value: $37

==>How To Write Complaint Copy: Value: $97

==>What to have on your landing page: Value: $47

==>How To Structure Your Sales Funnel For Profit:: Value: $97

==>The Single element you must have in your sales message: Value: $37

==>BONUS #1-My collection of Health and Beauty Ads: Value: $97


And even though I could charge you that, I wouldn’t

But if I did, wouldn’t it be worth it if all this did was

=>To finally help you run your ads profitably on Facebook and have peace of mind?

=>Help you stay in control of your income with no uncertainties of what will happen tomorrow or Facebook disabling your ad account?

=>Finally help you sell your star health or beauty product for the next 1year without having Facebook issues?

=>Make you Stand out from the competition and sell more than they do?

=>Finally help you sell 2800 pcs of a health product before the year runs out

Help you finally get out of debt, humiliation and take care of yourself and family because you’d become capable and regarded a capable man/woman by friends and family

I know you and I will both agree it’s a resounding YES

But what will it be worth to you?

And before I allow you access to this, you must make sure you’re selling products that work or will sell products that work as I don’t want people using what I share to sell fake products.

Yes, what you’re going to learn is that powerful and I wouldn’t want you to use it to sell crap to people.

And like I said before, the value of this program is $412

But I am not asking you to pay that.

In the market, this would sell for a retail price of at least $127  but I am not asking you to pay that either.

For only a limited time you can access this 18 steps video training and all bonuses for a one time payment of

What that means is that I could wake up one morning and decide it’s time to close the door or increase the price to limit people who gain access to this information.

Even at  $127 you’d agree this is absolutely a steal.

So go ahead and click on the button below and choose a payment option.

If you’re still on the fence, just remember what this training can help you achieve

This training will help you

  • Run Facebooks ads for your health and beauty products and have peace of mind
  • Sell your products profitably for the next 6 to 12 months
  • Gain control over your income because you need not worry about Facebook bans

In fact, Let Me Sweeten it further

When you join Today, you’ll be added to a private group on telegram and given access to 3 extra sources of traffic.

I will share with you 3 extra sources of quality traffic for your health and beauty products (No, It’s not Google or Youtube) (Value: $47)

But just a quick Warning: You need to act fast

This discount is only available for a limited time. which simply means the price could increase to as much as $127 at any time (And it will still be a steal at that price).

So just scroll down, click the button and choose a payment option

And if you’re still on the fence, you only have 3 options

OPtion 1

Do nothing

And I know that’s not what you want to do because doing nothing simply means you remain on the same boat of having your Facebook accounts banned and having panic attacks anytime you launch an ad

And even when you do launch you remain unprofitable with them.

OPtion 2

Figure this out on your own

Which is even worse

Listen, this method cost me over 20 Business Managers with at least 5 ad accounts inside each to finally get it right

So unless you want to take that route, the only real option for you is

Option 3

Take this massive shortcut and reserve your spot for this training

So go ahead, click the button and choose a payment option.


What Students Say

I will continue to bless God for the day I came across your advert on Facebook. Jonathan you’re a God send. Now I can confidently assist my husband.

God will continue to Bless you.


I never believed anything good could come out of e-commerce until I met Jonathan Melody.

If you want a mentor on e-commerce business, Jonathan is the right person for you.


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