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After spending the last 4 years helping over 2,000 students go from knowing nothing about making money online to generating 7 figures monthly from the comfort of their homes using the power of the internet,

I have decided to do something different by “breaking the value barrier” and offer awesome folks like you a unique opportunity to get lifetime access to my most successful and powerful products for one unbelievably low price?”


Which you’re about to find out soon but first;

Here’s What You Get Today

The 10X Ecommerce Masterclass

This training is currently selling for ₦150,000 and it’s all anyone needs to start and grow a profitable ecommerce business online.

It contains over 10 modules that teaches you how to find the right products to how you can effectively market the products online to start generating at least  a million monthly.

Plus you gain access to a community of over 1000 ecommerce business owners you can interact and build with. So you’re never left alone but kept up to date with what is happening in the ecommerce industry

TOTAL VALUE: 150,000

10X ecommerce Leverage Advantage

This is a simplified method for those who are still struggling with starting their own eCommerce business, you’re not good with tech, or Facebook ads, or spotting important products for a hungry market.

The Leverage Advantage is the best method you can use to start generating a minimum of 300k in 30 days

I say “300k” because I want to be conservative because of those whose dreams are to make 100k monthly.

The method taught in this training  was how I was able to start a brand with 150,000 and in 4 months the business generated over 8 million in revenue without importing any product.

So, yes you can do millions with this method if done right and well following the laid down instructions.

TOTAL VALUE: ₦25,000

The Blindspot Method

If you have ever felt frustrated by Facebook bans, rejections and restrictions because you sell products in sensitive niches like health, Sex, beauty, make money.

The blind spot method is what you need to put an end to that frustration

TOTAL VALUE: ₦15,000

10X ecommerce Products Pack

The Biggest Secret In Ecommerce Is In The Product You Have Chosen To Sell And how well you can sell it.

You see, the product you choose to sell will determine;

  • How profitable you’d become
  • How FAST you make the money and of course
  • How much you keep.

This was why I created this pack that included all you need to launch your first product easily and quickly without

All you need is fill-in-the-blanks with your name and bank details for payments because I have everything in templates you can simply upload and edit with the required tools!

TOTAL VALUE: ₦35,000

My Marketing Rolodex

  • This is Not A Course!…This is A SHORTCUT
  • It’s NOT a 25-hour course full of theory 
  • It’s NOT a 317-page with little or no value
  • It’s NOT a pack of BS based on no (or very little) experience

This is simply a recipe to have all your emails, sales letters, ad copies written in one weekend using Fill-In-The-Blank Templates

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a sales letter in your life

TOTAL VALUE: ₦15,000

Facebook Health and Beauty Ads Genie

This course is currently not on sale anywhere. It was a one time offer for those who bought the blindspot method.

It is one thing to know how to run ads on Facebook and another to run profitable ads that generate you sales every single day.

If you never want to run ads blindly but launch ads and be confident that they will convert into sales. This is the blueprint for you.

TOTAL VALUE: ₦15,000

Information Business Machines

If you’ve ever wanted to launch a digital product online or sell your knowledge online but you are lost and don’t know how to get started,

This is all you need. No BS

This is where I documented how I was able to generated over 30m in 2019 from selling one digital product.

This is full of straight to the point guide to help you launch your first product that takes you to your first million online in less than 90 days.

It includes live walkthroughs and applications with templates. You get to watch me live creating and launching a digital product that went on to generate over $3000 in 75 days.

So you don’t have to be an expert at anything to get started.

TOTAL VALUE: ₦50,000


This program was only launched to a private group of 30 people and since then it has been off the public.

Inside you will find the same systems and strategies I use for my own business.


Well, some things have to be kept secret.


But the thing is…


Inside this program


I show you everything you need to go from…


“I know nothing” into…


“I just made 200k from my funnel this morning, what’s next”


I know… I know… It sounds too good to be true.


But look…


What you will find inside this program is what I use to build ecom brands that last because they continue to generate sales regardless of economic conditions.

I’m so confident about the content that, If I were dying and I could only give one of my children (or someone else I love) Only one thing that would ensure they could have a hugely successful life. (Financially speaking)


It would be The M.O.R.E Sales System.

TOTAL VALUE: ₦59,000

To Summarize Here Is Everything You Get:

TOTAL VALUE ₦349,000

But today you’re not going to pay all of that but a tiny fraction of ₦50,000  to lay your hands on everything right on this page.

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Why Am I Selling All of These For Just ₦50,000 ?

Simple: First off, digital products have virtually zero overhead or shipping costs…

Secondly, I have spent 4 years of my life helping folks launch and scale their businesses online but stepped back in the last 12 months to focus more on my businesses and family

And as the year comes to an end I thought…

“How cool would it be to serve more people as the year ends by creating an insane level of value at a price just about anyone can afford?!”

And of course, I am also doing this to generate revenue. Can’t be more direct than that. Something I learned a long time ago from my mentor Ronald is that, if you sell someone a product that really stands out and help folks get results, these folks will come back and buy even more of your stuff!

And I have seen that play out over and over again in my businesses.

So anyway – now that I’ve appealed to your logical and emotional sides, it’s time to get the offer.

But then I know you probably want to hear and read from those who have used these products…so here you go

best ecommerce platform
ecommerce platform
ecommerce business




You have one year access to the materials but in reality, you’ll never lose access to these materials as long as Jonathan is alive and not just that, you have access to future updates and upgrades…In other words, you have a lifetime access.

Sure, these programs come with support and you will be added to the support groups where you can ask any questions and get the support you need.

NO…Due to the amount of value given for such a small fee, this doesn’t come with a money back guarantee. I will advise you not to purchase this if you have no intentions of making use of the materials inside.

Click the whatsapp icon on this page and you can send the support person your questions

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