How To Create Wealth By Choosing The Right Outsized Business Vehicle

Do you want to create wealth beyond your imagination?

If you answered yes

Then we are on the same page

I want to have so much money people’s eye water when they think about my wealth. 

When I started out in business, 

I started as a freelancer and then moved to selling physical products and then digital products

Selling Physical and digital products was a true game changer for me.

And I Was Hooked...

For instance, I started a new health brand 8 months ago and the first 5 months, the brand did over 13 million naira in revenue.

Today I see people with great entrepreneurial dreams,

people who want to make billions, but  their business vehicle is a canoe when it should be a yacht.

So they go out into the sea, in their little canoes trying to catch whales.

First of all, the canoe cannot reach the distances where whales can be caught. It’ll be smashed to pieces if it attempts to.

Second if by some miracle it manages to, it can’t catch a whale still, because the equipment need to make the catch and haul it in can’t fit in one.


Do you Have outsized business dreams and goals?

If you do like me, then you have to make sure you are operating in an outsized business opportunity niche, one that has the capabilities to get you what you want.


Here’s an example.

If you want to make a billion naira in the fashion industry, and you decide that hand-making and selling shoes is the way to your billion, I can assure you, you will have a torrid time trying and you still won’t be successful.

Please don’t even start telling me, but if they stick to it long enough, they can grow gradually and one day become Balenciaga.

Let’s leave the motivational claptrap to motivational speakers. this is serious business.

This is Your Life!

Reality is that if you are hand making shoes, you have only 24 hours a day.

How many shoes can you make every 24 hours, and have time for marketing enough to bring in money sufficient for increasing production capacity, hire employees, do brand
building and a host of the other 1000 things you need to do to become a Balenciaga?

Can you see where I am going with this?

And no I am not knocking people who make shoes.

God knows we need them. I am saying be aware of your own self, what you want and be very aware there are certain businesses that cannot make what you want happen.

If all you want is to make enough money to live in an okay area of town, put your kids in good schools, take a vacation or two a year and have a little left over to invest in stocks and some crypto you can fall back on when you are retired, can’t work anymore and your kids are no longer home and too busy to take your phone calls, then by all means do something
that can make that happen.

So… what kind of businesses can make you crazy, life-changing money, the kind that makes people’s eyes water when they hear it?

First let me tell you the characteristics businesses like that should have so you know how to identify them.

Some of the best businesses sell products that are really. the very best create their products ONCE, and then just make improvements to the core thing, and each improvement makes it better, and attracts more people.

Again, the best businesses sell products and are masters of distribution systems, and it helps if the products costs even less to distribute the more money you make.


The product must resolve an annoying discomfort, or provide maximum entertainment. People really spend their money on these. Nothing else.

Do a list of the things you bought in the last week, and you’ll see what I mean.

Why? Because evolution happens. If it’s hard to innovate your product/service offering, sharper people will out-innovate you and you’ll be out of business in years. 

At best. you’ll be gasping for breathe, relegated to a has-been who in the past used to be
the cock of the walk, the one everybody used to want.

Doubt me? Ask Yahoo. Or IBM. Or Nokia.

Alright now that we know all that, let’s look at the business categories in themselves.

Businesses Where The Money Is

Code is just my word for all the business that simplify other people lives via SAAS (software as a service).

This includes web apps, mobile apps, software.

Examples include Amazon, Udemy, social media sites, etc.

This includes blogs/content sites like WebMD. This also include courses, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc.

Content is hard and takes time to percolate, but it has a low entry barrier.

Not the “all youths must return to the farm version” says an old man

But doing it at scale.

Maybe not even the actual production, but it’s distribution.

Again people want an escape.

Why do you think grown men spend half a million naira on a chunk of plastic called the PS5?

They want to escape for a few minutes/hours.

Why do night clubs thrive? You get the idea?

Land cannot be made from scratch. People will always need somewhere to live, work, play.

Enough said.

What is the cosmetics industry all about?

You guess it right

A grand massage of the ego?

How about the travel industry?

What about automobiles?

Or wristwatches? Or clothing?


People don’t want to die, right? Me too! And I suspect, you too!

Some even want to protect against something bad happening. Hence we have the insurance

Nigerians don’t buy insurance? I put it to you you’re wrong, but if you really believe that, well what else can you sell that makes people feel safe?

Okay for real, nobody wants to die.

No one.

Does this still need elaborating?

As you can see a number of niches combine all these into one.

The more the stronger it’s case really.

Now, the question is

Which of these can you build a fortune in?

Now that you know, the next step is about execution. 

But there is a problem…

Starting any of these businesses is hard and you’re likely to fail

Why do I say so?

This is why I have put together a short report

This Book Used To Be FREE!

You see before now this book was 100% FREE. But I noticed most people who downloaded the book were not reading it.

So, as a business person, I started split testing between people who actually paid a fee and those who didn’t pay a fee to access the book.

That was when I realized those who paid to access the book were reading and even taking action. So in order not to continue wasting money on advertising and have no one read the book,

I have decided to charge $2 or N1000 to access this book. At least this will help cover the cost of advertising and enable me to reach more people like you.

Also, I haven’t stopped split testing.  This time, I am split testing between different prices and for every 200 downloads, the price to access the book increases by $1

The last time I checked we were already at over 100 signups and if you can still see the $2 price that you’re still on time for the second round!

So, you can go ahead and get the book below or wait for the next 100 sign ups and access the training at an extra $1

Look, if you think investing $2 into this book to be ahead of every other person who is trying to start a business online isn’t within your budget… I’m not gonna mince words here…

You Have A Problem!

And in spite of what you might believe, it’s not a financial problem. It’s a mindset/attitude/screwed up priorities problem.

The good news is, a financial problem is something you can solve… and solve pretty damn fast… with just one of the many direction you’ll get from this book. The screwed up priorities/mindset problem we can solve right now.

If you don’t have the $2 to invest into this… do what I did when I was broke back in 2016.

Forfeit lunch, cancel your cable or Netflix sub and get rid of your time-sucking, attention span-robbing $50/month smart phone.

That stuff isn’t doing anything for your financial future.

In fact, the ONLY thing it’s doing is keeping you imprisoned in a poverty mindset.

And that will keep you broke for the rest of your life. If you’re TRULY serious about being successful, stop pissing away money on worthless consumer crap and invest it in YOURSELF instead.

That’s an investment that will bring you EXPONENTIAL returns year after year.

For the rest of your life.

Tough talk, huh? Yup.

But a real winner knows…

You Can Make Excuses Or You Can Make Money… But You Can’t Do Both!

So stop making excuses and go watch that training.

And while you’re thinking about the $2 you’re about to spend, let me ask you this question

Do you just want to make a living or do you want to enjoy life while you’re living it?

Think about that.

Jonathan Melody

PS: You don’t know me? Just Google my name


What Students Say

I will continue to bless God for the day I came across your advert on Facebook. Jonathan you’re a God send. Now I can confidently assist my husband.

God will continue to Bless you.


I never believed anything good could come out of e-commerce until I met Jonathan Melody.

If you want a mentor on e-commerce business, Jonathan is the right person for you.


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