The Smart Trading Business That Bought My First Car, Paid For My Wedding & Honeymoon in Dubai

“You changed my life Jonathan…Last year my business generated N13Million in sales”…Desmond

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking to start a profitable business in 2024, start smart trading.

By smart trading, I mean buying and selling unique physical products that solve REAL problems for REAL people like the one below; (You can’t find anyone else selling this product)

This Was How Aliko Dangote , Cosmas Maduka, Tara Fela-Durotoye and Other Billionaires Started.

At the age of 21, Aliko Dangote borrowed $3,000 (N3,000,000 current exchange rate) from his uncle to import and sell agricultural commodities in Nigeria.

His business venture quickly became a success, and as a result, he managed to repay the entire loan within three months of starting operations.

Cosmas Maduka on the other hand started with the N200 his uncle parted him with and today he owns a multi-million naira company.

Tara Fela-Durotoye a Nigerian-born lawyer turned Africa’s leading beauty and makeup entrepreneur. 

She started House of Tara at the age of 20, from her living room.

In summary, they all started with buying and selling and still does that.

And unlike the days of Aliko, Cosmas and Tara, buying and selling has become a lot easier with the power of the internet.


The Business Vehicle You Choose Will Determine If You'll Make Lots of Money or Not

If you want to make enough money to live in a serene environment, put your kids in the best schools, 

go on vacation whenever you want and still have enough left to invest in stocks, real estate, etc.

So you have something to fall back on when you are retired and can’t work anymore

Then you need to start making the right choices now and get into the right type of businesses


Catherine who made her first million selling physical products online and even relocated herself out of the country

And There's Harry

Whose wife never believed it was possible to build a profitable business online but 6months later she was fully in with Harry. Harry even got her a car! and he did all these even as a 9-5er

Demamy Isn't Left out

Demamy was struggling with her importation business when she met me in 2018/2019,

…but today, she doesn’t only have her own brand, she now exports her own products to other countries.

And Sylvester...

Sylvester was a struggling Affiliate marketer when I met him. He wanted something he could call his own.

I showed him thesame blueprint and in his first month, he did  over 1.3million in sales

My name is Jonathan Melody and in 2012, I imported my first product from Aliexpress, made a profit of over N18,000 from selling that product.

And when I tried turning it into a real business, it failed because I made one silly mistake which I still see many newbies make.


Something Different Happened in 2016

I relaunched my ecommerce business (selling hair wonder and Andrea before every Tom, prik and Harry started selling it) , and in the first 3 months I had made over N6million.

I made enough money that I was able to buy my first car, paid for my wedding and honeymoon in Dubai.

See the image below for the number of orders I was getting daily. (Just do the math and see for yourself.)

That’s over 20 sales made every single day!

Even though I have since then launched different ecommerce brands that have done multiple millions ( I sold one of my brands last year and the person who bought it is crushing it and has expanded to Ghana and Cameroon) in turnover

I Made Silly Mistakes

BUT because of what I know today,;

✔ I am able to advise and consult for 8 and 9 fig ecommerce brands

✔ I can easily start and take a new brand from zero to 7 figures in 30 days just like I did with this one.

Thankfully, I never repeated those mistakes again. And since then, it’s been a beautiful business to do.

✔ Lots of customers

✔ They have money in their hand

And. . .

✔ They are willing to pay NOW!

Selling physical products a.k.a. e-commerce is an easy peasy business model to do if you know your way around and willing to do a little bit of work.

It’s my bread and butter. I know it like I know the back of my hand.

If you want to learn, I am willing to show you how to do it.


This is a training I launched in 2018 and in the last 5 years, I have continued to update it to reflect the trends and strategies as I learn, apply and tweak them.

Inside this training, you’ll find the most exciting yet kept secrets you will ever need to start and scale an ecommerce business to 9Figures

But There's a Warning

This business is not for lazy people. So if you can’t put in the work, its best to stay away because I don’t babysit people. I believe you’re an adult?


One more thing

if you think you’re already a pro and don’t need to go through the foundation of building a profitable business

or you see it as a waste of time, you probably should NOT be part of this Masterclass.

One Last Thing

If you’re only interested in importing like an amateur and don’t want to build a REAL business you can leave behind for your children and grand-children, you can get the other courses flying around the internet and SKIP THIS ONE

Still Here? Good!

Let's Get Serious!

To help you decide if this training is for you or not, here are some of the secrets that will be revealed in it:

This is an 11-module masterclass that walks you through step by step from beginner to PRO (there’s something inside for you regardless of your level)

You also have the opportunity to learn directly from my Mentor Ronald Nzimora as I bring him in to take some of the modules with me.

To help you decide if this masterclass is for you or not, here are some of the secrets that will be revealed in it:

✔ Market Mindset: If you want to succeed in ecommerce, there’s a right and wrong way to think. (it took me years to understand it)

50+% of those who fail approach ecommerce with the wrong mindset but not you because you’d know exactly how to think. ( The most valuable skill anyone can acquire )

✔ The missing link to turning things around in your life.

If you don’t do this one thing you will continue to struggle for a long time without even knowing why.

I struggled with this for a long time until I spoke with 2 millionaires (one in his 40s and the other in his 60s)

This is not what you’re probably thinking (you can’t find this in any course)

✔ Find Evergreen Products: You will see exactly how to identify evergreen products to sell, ensuring lasting success in the ever changing world of E-Commerce.

✔ Import Smart, Sell Smarter: You will learn my top 5 hacks to import directly from manufacturers abroad at lower costs, safeguarding your profits.

Some people import from middle men and trading companies instead of directly from the manufacturers. You’ll see how to identify them and save cost and also not get sc#@med

✔ Profitable E-Commerce Niches: The riches are in the niches! And I will show you the top 7 profitable E-Commerce niches in Nigeria – You’ll be able to see opportunities others overlook.

✔ The One Metric You must know before launching your ads. No, its not CAC or ROAS and not ROI`

you’d just be playing in the dark if you don’t know this one metric

✔ Sourcing Mistakes: 5 sourcing mistakes importing from China that can ruin your business and how to avoid them.

You won’t find this one anywhere else

✔ From N0 to N40 Million: I’m going to share with you the exact blueprint I used to take a new ecommerce brand from 0 to 40million Naira in 12 months.

(This has never been shared anywhere else)

✔ Craft Irresistible Advertisements: Discover the secrets of writing advertisements that effortlessly persuade customers to buy your products.

✔ Market Sizing Mastery: Learn how to assess if a market is large enough for you to make money, preventing you from wasting time on unprofitable ventures.

✔ Shipping Hacks from China: Master the ways to ship products from China to Nigeria for less than local market costs – I’ve got the insider knowledge.

✔ International Sales Mastery: Unlock the secrets of selling to other African countries, doubling or even tripling your sales and profits. This exclusive knowledge is not found in high-priced courses.

(One of my brands is getting more sales from Ghana and Cameroon than it gets from Nigeria- There are secrets to this thing)

✔ Wholesale Deals Beyond Alibaba: Discover the little known wholesale website where you can import products 50% cheaper than Alibaba. This is your ticket to more profits.

✔ Marketing Mastery: How to Set up your marketing process the right way to avoid losing 50% of potential sales. Learn from my mistakes and save yourself from common pitfalls.

✔ Ignored Ad Components: Learn the secret parts of ads that most people don’t use; it’s like a special trick to sell more without spending extra money

✔ Build a Lasting Brand: Discover 5 powerful strategies for building a lasting E-Commerce brand that can be passed down through generations. This insider knowledge is not part of any other course.

(I learned this from running my own brands, consulting for 8 & 9 fig brands and studying over 50 top brands in the ecommerce industry)

✔ Stop Losing Profits: Find out the one thing that can make you lose money in online selling—and how to avoid it.

✔ Always-in-Demand Products: Discover how to find and sell products that people always want to buy – like super-popular stuff.

I will show you the secret website we use to find products people want even before others find them

 Top Selling in Nigeria: Find out what people in Nigeria love to buy online—it’s like knowing the secret to making lots of sales.

 Easy Ugly Ads That Sell: You don’t have the budget of Coca-Cola or fancy cameras? No worries, I’ll teach you how to make ugly ads that make people want to buy your stuff without being too hard.

 Customize Your Approach: Your customers are not all the same.

Learn to use the three different levels of customers and understand the diversity of customer types so you can ascend them into buying more products from you.

 No Money, No Problem: I’ll show you how to sell your things without spending any of your own money – it’s like magic!

I learned this from a 19year old who built a million-dollar ecommerce brand without spending on ads!

✔  Two Delivery Success Tricks: Discover 2 little known tricks to make sure almost all your customers get, collect their stuff and pay for it – it’s like being a delivery expert.

We are able to achieve a 80%-90% delivery success rate with this

✔  Ever wish you could have your very own brand on products without spending a fortune?

Well, you’re in luck!

I will show you the ultimate trick to convince almost any company to create 50 to 100 custom products just for you, all under your unique brand name

With this you become a master in creating your own customized products, and watch your brand shine like never before! 🌟

No one else in the market can have thesame product as you.

✔  Market Economics: You can’t run a profitable ecommerce business at scale without knowing this.

Miss this, and you will be a slave working for Chinese manufacturers, the Nigerian Government, and Delivery Companies.

✔  Outsmart Competitors: Beat your competition effortlessly using strategies that work regardless of market or competition size.

You’ll see that having competition is fantastic and can outperform competitors easily and achieve success even against bigger competitors.

✔  Tap into Local Suppliers: Sourcing locally often brings cost advantages.

Learn the exact steps to identify and tap into local suppliers, repackage the products and ensure a seamless sourcing process.

Connect with nearby suppliers to enhance your product offers and reduce logistics complexities.

✔  Unique Conversion Optimization: Explore unconventional conversion rate optimization concepts, optimizing everything from back to front, and achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

This is how you convert more strangers coming to your site to people who buy from you

✔  Maximize Perceived Value: Use the Fame Framework to increase the perceived value of your products.

This allows you to significantly sell items at high markups and understand the psychological trick that influences human buying decisions.

This was how I was able to sell a product for N15,000 even when I only purchased it for N1,000

✔ Customer Loyalty Blueprint: Uncover the secrets behind building unwavering customer loyalty, empowering your business to cultivate a dedicated and repeat customer base.

This is where the BIG money is and you want to know how to do it right.

✔ Wisdom from Successful E-Commerce Brands: I will share with you five (5) invaluable lessons I learned from two e-commerce brands achieving revenues between 100 and 500 million Naira yearly.

You’ll see how they are dominating their markets and how they are able to adapt in this evolving landscape

But There's More!

To make your decision easier, I have decided to add some FAST ACTION bonuses, but I can’t guarantee how long they will stay up for.

So, here we go!

  • About 10X Ecommerce Masterclass
  • Developing a Business Mindset
  • How To Get The Most From This Training


  • Understanding The Different Markets
  • Determine If Your Niche is Profitable
  • Criteria To Choosing The Best Product To Sell
  • How To Find Fast Selling Products
  • How To Test For Market Viability


  • Doing It Yourself VS Using Agents
  • How To Source Product From Aliexpress
  • How To Source Products From Alibaba
  • How To Source Products From 1688
  • How To Source From Manufacturers
  • How To Source Products Locally


  • How To Ship Products From Suppliers To Your Location


  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Marketplaces + Your Website
  • Sales Funnels


  • intro to marketing
  • Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Creating An Offer
  • Creating Your Marketing Contents
  • How Much Should Your Sell Your Products
  • The One Emotion That Makes People Buy
  • Best Payment Methods
  • Email Marketing


  • How To Ship Products To Your Customers
  • How To Collect Payments From Customers
  • How To Track Delivery


  • How To Manage Business Growth
  • How To Scale Your Business to 100M Per Year


The Biggest Secret In Ecommerce Is In The Product You Have Chosen To Sell.

You see, the product you choose to sell will determine;

  • How profitable you’d become
  • How FAST you make the money and of course
  • How much you keep.
So, you can say the product you sell…

…Is Like Oxygen

You need it to keep you alive. 

The more oxygen you have, the more alive you are, the lesser the oxygen you have, the quicker you die.

What this means is that, you need to find the perfect product to sell if you really and truly want to make money in ecommerce, products you can start selling immediately to make a lot of money for yourself…

To help you do this, I have put together a list of 30 perfect and fast selling products you can sell for as much as ten times the amount you bought them…

You’re going to be making more money than you ever imagined possible with these products.

VALUE: N45,000

  • About 10X Ecommerce Masterclass
  • Developing a Business Mindset
  • How To Get The Most From This Training


  • Understanding The Different Markets
  • Determine If Your Niche is Profitable
  • Criteria To Choosing The Best Product To Sell
  • How To Find Fast Selling Products
  • How To Test For Market Viability


  • Doing It Yourself VS Using Agents
  • How To Source Product From Aliexpress
  • How To Source Products From Alibaba
  • How To Source Products From 1688
  • How To Source From Manufacturers
  • How To Source Products Locally


  • How To Ship Products From Suppliers To Your Location


  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Marketplaces + Your Website
  • Sales Funnels


  • intro to marketing
  • Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Creating An Offer
  • Creating Your Marketing Contents
  • How Much Should Your Sell Your Products
  • The One Emotion That Makes People Buy
  • Best Payment Methods
  • Email Marketing


  • How To Ship Products To Your Customers
  • How To Collect Payments From Customers
  • How To Track Delivery


  • How To Manage Business Growth
  • How To Scale Your Business to 100M Per Year


Because the next hardest thing to do for your ecommerce business is writing the marketing content for every single product on the list, we decided to do the hardwork for you.

Inside this pack you will find an exclusive collection of 10X Salesletters, Emails, closing scripts and 10X Paid Ads,– delivered as templates you can swipe and deploy immediately ANY PRODUCT in the 10X Product List.

Now you don’t need to:

VALUE: N150,000



I can’t exhaust what you’re going to learn from this bonus. If you have followed me for awhile, you’d know I don’t give out fluff.
But to give you a perspective into some of the things you’re going to learn. here we go;

VALUE: N75,000



How to set up profitable sales funnel that triples your sales and conversions.

This also includes how to increase your AOV using bump offers and upsells.

You’ll learn a unique way I use the Thank You Page To Even make more from my customers


VALUE: N50,000


I will be giving you a one year full private access to this masterclass and added to the support group where you’re welcome, understood, respected and appreciated.

There are currently over 1,000 people in the support group

When you join me inside, you become a Knight in the Marketing Camelot, we’re in this foxhole together.

I’ve got your back. And if the two of us back-to-back against the world isn’t enough, we’ve got an entire frickin’ ARMY of brother and sister knights behind us inside.

You’re getting $48,000 Worth Of My Time for FREE!



The number1 reason why many people fail to sell their imported products easily is simply because they don’t know how to stir up the the desire in their prospective customers to buy.

Writing to make someone buy your product is different from just writing to pass an exam. With a collection of over 2000 sales letters in different niches, you can easily put together words that will make people beg to have your products

VALUE: N150,000

And More Inside... All You Need To Run a Profitable Ecommerce Business




TODAY PRICE: ₦25,000

The Price Goes Up Soon

I'm Even Throwing in My Best Selling Book


Why Am I Giving All of These For Just ₦25,000 ?

Okay you got me and I’m going to be brutally honest with the hopes that you won’t use this against me.

First off, I launched a software in 2022 and I gave myself and my team the goal to get at least 10,000 users into the platform by the end of 2024.

Hence, by giving you so much value, I hope you’d be excited to also try out my software.

So, yes you can say I’m trying to bribe you to try my software.

Secondly, these are digital products and they have virtually zero overhead or shipping costs…

And of course, I am also doing this to generate revenue to be able to spend more on advertising and reach my goal of 10,000 users using my software.

Can’t be more direct than that. Something I learned a long time ago from my mentor Ronald is that, if you sell someone a product that really stands out and help folks get results, these folks will come back and buy even more of your stuff!

I have seen that play out over and over again in my businesses.

And This Message Came in

After going through that message a couple of times,

I began to imagine how many people like him want to start a business online but just can’t get started.


Because they are incapacitated by the means to do so.

I know not everyone has the required resources to get the best information out there. “All hands are not equal”

And there is so much half-baked knowledge being passed around.

My goal has always been to make a difference in people’s lives no matter how small.

I want to be part of your story someday.

And when you start earning more and you’re ready to grow your business further, you too can join other high-fee programs that I have.

Also, I sincerely want to apologize to all those who got into the masterclass for more than it’s currently sold.

Please, I need you to understand why I am doing this.

We need to help as many people as we can. As the government won’t come to help anyone

In fact you can help share this page with someone who needs it.

So, you see, I’m doing this so that everyone who wants to get started online can do so without the barrier of money.

I hope this changes so many things for you and your family.

Maybe I am not thinking straight.

Maybe I will snap out of this but my mission is clear

Help as many people as I can.

So anyway, now that I’ve appealed to your logical and emotional sides, it’s time to get the offer.

But then I know you probably want to hear and read from more people who are part of the masterclass…so here you go

Desmond: Breakthrough

Desmond took this course in 2020 after a failed international dropshipping business.

And within the space of 2 years, he got himself 2 cars and relocated his family to Canada in 2023. All from implementing what I showed inside this masterclass.

Pastor Jade: Breakthrough

Play Video

Pastor Jade used what he leaned from this masterclass to takes his client ecommerce business to N50million in 5 months

Dammy: Breakthrough

Dammy was a struggling business man who was at the verge of giving up until he saw my ad on Facebook (just like you) and decided to give it one more try.

The result was over 80 sales in 48hrs after launching his beauty brand. This changed everything for him and his ecommerce business

Joy: Breakthrough

Play Video

Joy launched her own business while still in the university, and as an 18yrs old girl she was able to take care of her mothers health bills.

Noah: Breakthrough

Noah was able to close a figure figure deal by implementing what he learned.

You Have Two Options Moving Forward

Have you ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect”?

It’s a concept from Chaos Theory…a scientific idea that little actions can have massive impact…

That tiny decisions…decisions that can seem almost not important at the time could completely change your life…

See, when you woke up this morning, you probably didn’t think there was going to be anything special about today…

But you’re wrong

And the truth is, right now you’re at an stressful point in your life

Right now, at this very moment, you’re making a decision that will affect your entire life.

Your first option is to do nothing

To close the page, this website and go back to the life you have now.

» The life where money is scarce…

» The life where love is rare…

» The life where you don’t have enough to take care of your son…

» The life where you struggle to take care of your daughter…

» The life where you don’t just have enough take care of your loved ones…

» The life where your spouse keeps maltreating you because you don’t have enough…

» The life where your health is declining because you can’t make it a priority…

» The life where happiness always seem just out of reach because you’re always thinking where the next income will come from

» A life where, years and many years from now, laying on your death bed and thinking about the life you lived 

and the way you suffered, you’ll look back at this very moment right here in front of you and wonder “what if?”

What If You Had Spread Your Wings?

Because really, that’s all it takes…Just click the button below, type in a few numbers and alphabets into the checkout page and on the next page…

And join the masterclass for less than what you’d spend in a dinner night.

And you can see for yourself

You’re not risking anything at all.

But if you’re like the 100s of other people who have used this astonishing system

You’ll see your life begin to change…you will see your pain begin to diminish and the stress you currently feel will fall off you…

And in a few days or a few weeks you’ll look around and realize how happy you are.

I spread my wings after I discovered Ronald some many years ago. I invested in myself.

I gave myself over to the universe and let the system work for me so I can begin to live in wealth and happiness everyday.

And I want the same for you. I want it so badly.

When you invest in yourself today . . . when you give yourself the gift of joining the masterclass really will work for you.

But there’s one thing I can’t do and it can’t do either.

There’s one thing that you have to do to truly change your life forever.

And that’s to . . . spread your wings. Click the button below. Enter your payment information. You have nothing to risk . . . and

☻a whole new life . . .

☻a life of power and success and happiness to gain.

So please, for yourself. For your family. For the people that love you. Click the button below. I promise you, you will be so happy that you did.

Still Here?

I understand. Even when you know something will work, it can be hard to move forward.

So let me just share with you a few more stories of people just like you who have experienced working with me and using this system and have seen their every dream come true.

This System Works! But Hear From More People Like You

Disclaimer: Results may vary between person to person.

best ecommerce platform

About Jonathan

if you’re looking for someone who can help you navigate the complex world of ecommerce marketing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Jonathan Melody, is an ecommerce growth marketing specialist who has helped countless businesses generate millions of dollars in sales.

With over 10 years of experience in the ecommerce industry, Jonathan has honed his skills in every aspect of ecommerce marketing.

From social media advertising to email marketing,to automations and building systems, he knows how to create effective strategies that will help you reach your target audience and convert them into loyal customers.

But Jonathan doesn’t just stop at providing his clients with exceptional marketing strategies.

He is also the author of the bestselling book “10XEcommerce Secrets” and the founder of “10X Ecom Club”, a community of ecommerce experts who share their knowledge and expertise with each other.

This community has helped countless business owners grow their businesses, and Jonathan’s guidance has been instrumental in their success.

As if that weren’t enough, Jonathan is also the co-founder of Lazycom, a software company that leverages A.I + behavioral conditioning to help non-technical business owners market, sell, track, and scale their ecommerce business online.

With Lazycom, you can set up your landing pages, sales funnels with ease, automate your marketing campaigns, track your sales, and scale your business without having to be a tech wizard.

So if you’re looking for someone who can help you take your ecommerce business to the next level, look no further than Jonathan Melody.

With his expertise, skills, and unique selling points, he is the ecommerce growth marketing specialist that you can trust to help you achieve your goals.

Jonathan Melody

Unbeatable Guarantee

If after you join this masterclass and implement the system and you're not blown away by your results in the next 365 days, I want you to ask for a refund, as I wouldn't want to keep your money. That's how confident I am about this system

However, you must show my proof that you implemented everything I showed you inside the system to qualify for this refund 

(This is to protect myself from the vipers and leeches who just want to spy on this system and then request for their money back.)

so if you’re not ready to be committed to your own financial growth and success or you already think you will fail, 

please don’t join this masterclass but if you’re ready to put in the required work, I promise you will be blown away by how quickly your life will turn around financially

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